Our goal here at Stang Hub is to connect auto enthusiasts with great events to share their car, meet great people and create memories. There is a handful of different events that we host and share such as: Shows, Cruises, Meets, Speedway Track/Drag Days & Road Trip Adventures. We are based out of Southern California, USA. Everyone is welcome! Please respect the meet locations and drive responsibly.

Where to find events?

You're in the right place! Stay connected on our website with all of our updates for events, media, and more. View our events tab. If you would like the updates to come to you please sign up on our mailing list. 

Sponsorships / Vendors

Interested in a sponsorship / vendor program? We are active all year around. Each month we host, share and attend at least two events. Or name is very present in the Mustang car community. We can help connect you with customers through our marketing program. 

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Stang Hub was founded by Arnulfo Sifuentes in 2016. The idea was to create a Hub that made it easy to find all of these great events! Our first event launched in 2016 "Cars & Coffee Corona Hills" co-hosted with The Pony Addicts.  We started with a small group of 10 cars. Each time we hosted, we kept adding more cars then it just took off from there. 


We are not a match making site but it happen. There are many great friendships/relationships that start from our events. People from different paths of life are joining in such as Military, Army, Doctors, Students and Hard Workers. No mater where any of us come from, we are all gathered together as one. The enthusiasm for these events is the occasional break from reality we need.

Giving Back

With great power comes great responsibility. When it's possible we create events that bring the community together to support a great cause. We team up with non-profit organizations and direct all donations to them.

Celebrity Cameos

Sometimes we rub shoulders with celebrities such as Cody Walker, Vaughn Gitten Jr, Super Car Blonde & more.You never know who you may run into on the events we share.   

Peace of Mind

We don't promote any "take overs" or illegal events. Our name has a good reputation and we'd like to keep it that way. When you come across an event Stang Hub shared, you should have a peace of mind. We only share events from our trusted list of partnered car clubs/organizations. 


We plan on fueling auto enthusiasm for many more years!